Why You Should Go On A Trek With Your Girl-friend?

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Treks are traditionally never perceived to be done as a couple. But you would be pleasantly surprised how a single trek can act as a deal-breaker in a relationship or even help in mending some which are undergoing turbulent times. We provide you some reasons as to why you should go on a trek with your girlfriend:

1)  Be The Hero
Lets face it, even if you do want to be the hero in front of your girlfriend from time to time, you don’t get enough chances to do so. Trek provides an ideal opportunity for you to be the hero. You will get numerous chances to be her knight in shining armor all along the trek and be her aide when she requires it the most. And mind you she will notice and remember that. Chance to get extra brownie points.

2) Fall In Love Again
Is your relationship going through troubled times? You would be amazed how a trek can do wonders for the relationship. It might be even better than resolving the issues over a dinner. Treks are worth the hard-work you put in and when you reach the summit the sight of wilderness and untouched world is something your heart preserves for a long time. What more of a romantic setting do you need to fall in love again and resolve your issues. Be amazed by the beauty around you and discover the beauty in your relationship again.

3) Weathering The Storm
Treks can also help you understand your girlfriend in a deeper way. It can bring out the worst out of anyone and this gives you a chance to observe and understand the darker side of her. If you still find her beautiful then congratulation you have weathered the storm and you will emerge stronger in your relationship.

4) Spend Quality Time Together
Truth be told it is quite difficult to spend time together especially for working couples. Trek gives the perfect chance for both of you to get away from your hectic life and spend quality time in the laps of nature. You will see that you will open up more on a trek rather than a coffee shop. The ambiance out in the mountains and woods just helps you talk with her more and spend some ‘real’ time together.


Whats your story? Have you ever been on trek dates before? Let us know in the comments…

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