What did I learn at Rajmachi Night Trek?

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Straight up I will let you know that I was not a trek guy. No specific reason as to why so. But I agreed on going to a trek to Rajmachi when my friend asked for the sole purpose that it would be fun as we hadn’t met for a few months. Plus I had already confirmed with my friend whether the trek was going to be easy or not. I should have known better when he readily said its easy. I mean how hard could a walk be even if it was 20 odd kilometers. Plus there was the added thrill of it being a night trek. Imagine my first trek of my life and it turned out to be a night trek.

From Left Me(Shashank Pal), my friend Akash Thakare
So we set out for the trek from the base location of Lonavala at around 11 PM. It turned out to be more educative for me in the sense I learnt quite a few lessons. I will try and enlist a few of them here.

1)  NEVER EVER wear Sneakers to a trek even if it doesn’t involve any climb. As it turned out my feet as well as my sneaks were all worn out even before half the trek got over.

2) NOTHING is as easy as it seems at the start. The engineer in me had already calculated that a simple walk towards the fort at a pace of 8km/hr will at the max take me 3 hours to complete. As it was proved I was wrong. It took me nearly 5 hours.

3) You require MOTIVATORS as well as PEOPLE WHO LAUGH AT YOU in life. The former to remind you that some people will always be there who believe in you. The latter to motivate you indirectly as you are filled with the goal to prove them wrong. I being on the healthier side struggled for a long time on the journey up. But I had my motivators and de-motivators to help me reach the summit.

4) You can ACHIEVE anything you put your mind to. Yes you will have doubts on the way, yes you would want to quit at times but once you decide on finishing it no one can stop you. You may not succeed immediately but you will surely I had almost quit even before halfway point of the trek. But when I decided I had to do it I was able to complete the trek even though it took me a few hours more.

But all my trial and tribulations were worth it once I reached top. The scenic beauty and being n the midst of a nature truly rejuvenates you. It just makes you so happy for some unknown reasons. You forget what you were worried about the previous day and just soak in the fresh air. I felt like carrying that feeling home, life would have become so much simpler. Rajmachi did turn out to be fun and when I look back at it now I always end up with a smile on my face.

I would definitely look forward to some more treks given that I manage to buy some real trekking shoes.

Signing off,
A ‘healthy’ Trekker.

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