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In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized (subject to certain rules and regulations).

  1. TEDxWhitefield:
    Theme: Percipience

    TEDxWhitefield brings together a collection of innovators, explorers, visionaries and learners. They seek to ignite, inspire and influence every individual in a way to foster engaging conversations, collaboration and action. Their vision is to be a forum that encourages and facilitates the unleashing of ideas which have the power to change our world. The event will serve as a platform for people who are eager to get profound insights in their careers.
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    Speakers: Arjun Kamath (Director, Cinematographer, Photographer and three-time recipient of the Canon Creative Asia Photography Bronze Award), S. Anand (Co-founder of Gramener), Abhinay Choudhari (Co-Founder and Head of New initiatives at Big Basket.com; awarded “50 Most Talented Retail Professionals of India” by CMO Asia & Asia Retail Congress), Arati Kumar Rao (An environmental photo journalist), Rukmini VijayKumar (Actress and Bharatnatyam Dancer, Founder – Raadha Kalpa Dance company), Dr.Jayanthi Kumaresh (Leading Veena Artist; has performed at several international festivals like San Francisco Jazz Festival, Darbar festival, Darwin Music festival, etc.), Nitya Ramakrishnan (Founder – Whitefield Rising).

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  2. TEDxJMI:
    Theme: Igniting Minds
    TEDxJMI brings together a collection of doers, thinkers, innovators, explorers, visionaries, teachers, learners and seeks to illuminate, inspire, change perceptions, incite action and foster new connections. Focused on proffering a TED stage to speakers of varied backgrounds and experiences for inspirational and intellectual acceleration, the event strategically allocates a window for collaboration of arts, sciences, entrepreneurship and women empowerment – ideas that are close to our central theme.
    Book your spot!Venue: Dr. M. A. Ansari Auditorium, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.
    Date and time: October 16th, 2017 | 10 AM to 5 PM
    Speakers: Kavita Bahl (Film-maker & Journalist), Dr. Rajesh S. Gokhale (Co-founder – Vyom BioSciences + Scientist at NII), Saeed Naqvi (Senior Journalist), Syed Sadaf Hussain (Chef, Food Stylist, Blogger, Photographer & Graphic Designer), Vivek Sharma (Program Director, Gandhi Fellowship Program) and more.
  3. TEDxIIFT:
    Theme: Envisage, Evoke, Enlighten
    The event aims to give stage to the pacesetters, future-limbers, icons and non-conformists, who have envisaged something that spurred them on an uncharted territory.The result will be stories and ordeals, episodes and experiences, lessons and exemplars that will change the way you see the world. This edition of TEDxIIFTDelhi 2017 brings together an eclectic bunch of crusaders who sought to change something, turned their visions into reality and made the world a better place by their deeds.
    Book your spot!Venue: IIFT, New Delhi.
    Date and time: October 14th, 2017 | 10 AM to 5 PM
  4. TEDxCRCE:
    Theme: Illogically Logical
    Interpretation of the theme: The most innovative, naïve and risky ideas seem rather illogical at the start. The greatest movements, technologies and innovations of our nation started out with the smallest thoughts, that ran through the mind of the one person who invested in it and saw it to execution. What may seem farfetched and illogical at the beginning can turn out to be the root of the most cardinal actions we can carry on in our life. This event encourages you to take the leap and invest in the ideas you believe in, no matter how difficult or impossible they may seem in the beginning. We need to push to take the first step beyond the barrier of what may first seem “illogical” to implement the “logical” explanation.Book your spot!

    Venue: Fr .Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering, Mumbai.
    Date and time: October 14th, 2017 | 10 AM to 5 PM26ba367f-39e6-4ec4-b3d2-618916591875

  5. TEDxBPIT:
    Theme: Solve for “y”
    In any mathematical equation, for every different value of ‘x’ in the equation, and a different value of ‘y’ for the same. Likewise, each individual has a life that has been an amalgam of turmoil, vigor, and hope. At TEDxBPIT, everyone comes together to learn from each others’ experience, and to find the value of ‘why’ of our own life.
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    Venue: Bhagwan Parshuram Institute Of Technology New Delhi.
    Date and time: October 13th, 2017 | 10 AM to 5 PM
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