6 Trekking destinations in India that are perfect for your next winter getaway!

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With a mixture of exploration and adventure, winter trekking in India is an experience in itself. If spring is the season of nature admirers, the winter is definitely meant for adventure junkies.

By and large, most of the treks in Himalaya remain open for public from mid-May to October, there are some trekking options you can experience throughout the year.

The routes can range from an easy trek up a hill to strenuous expeditions that can go on for days, most of the places are relatively unspoiled. The treks can take you through gorges and across dazzling mountain passes. Frozen streams, wintry grasses, and snow-covered trails welcome the trekkers as they walk through views of snow-clad peaks in the background, meadows, traditional villages, and sacred sites.

Here is our list of winter treks, from popular routes to the relatively new.

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1. Kedarkantha:
Kedarkantha is perhaps the most popular winter trekking destination. The four-day trek in western Uttarakhand offers beautiful campsites as you can get a 360-degree view of the mountain ranges around you. Trek along the Juda-Ka-Talab Lake, alpine forests, and apple gardens. The trail is easy enough for first timers, which it makes it perfect for a winter trek. Keep it on top of your bucket list.

Region: Uttarkashi District, Uttarakhand
Highest Altitude: 12500 ft (approx.)
Grade: Easy
Duration: 5-8 days

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Source: Thrillophilia

2. Brahmatal:
With high snow, not many trekking options are available in January and February. Brahmatal is an exception and the trek through the snow makes it doubly exciting. Forests coupled with impressive views of the Himalayas is surely a treat to the shutterbugs. The trail climbs steadily to Brahmatal, a lake on the top of a mountain. However, it is the lovely setting along the trek that makes it worth the trouble.
A fairly new winter trek in India, it does give other treks a run for their money.

Region: Chamoli District, Uttarakhand
Highest Altitude: 12250 ft(approx.)
Grade: Moderate
Duration: 6 days

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Source: Indiahikes

Source: Indiahikes

3. Kauri Pass:
Kuari Pass has always been a popular trek in India. The bonus of seeing Mt Nanda Devi in all its glory makes this trek a favorite for many. The ancient forest trails are a treat to trek through in the summer. Throw in some snow and the snow-lined trees become a whole new experience. The settings of the campsites, be it in the heart of a forest or with a view of a mountain peak like Mt Dronagiri, is spectacular. Trekkers weave their way in and out of the forests and meadows.

Region: Chamoli District, Uttarakhand
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate
Highest Altitude: 12,500 ft (approx.)
Duration: 6 days

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4. Sandakphu:
The highest region in West Bengal, this trek takes you through different picturesque locations which are relatively untamed. As you wind your way to the top alongside the India-Nepal border. A diverse range of flora and fauna of the Singalila National Park greet you and you get the full view of snow-clad peaks. Not just any peak, the view of the Kanchenjunga range greets you at the top. If the sky is clear, you can look west and see the three sisters – Mt Everest, Lhotse, and Makalu. Where else can you get a view of four of the top six peaks in the world from one spot?

Region: Darjeeling District, West Bengal
Difficulty: Moderate
Highest Altitude: 11,950 ft (approx.)
Duration: 7 days

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Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

5. Yuksom-Dzongri:
In short, the Yuksom-Dzongri La trek is a power trekking route, especially in the winters. Ultimately, it is a gratifying experience, when you reach the summit of Dzongri La. Especially since you get an up-close view of the Kanchenjunga in particular. If that’s not enough, you also see 14 other big summits. Quite a bargain for one trek.
The flora and fauna of the Kanchenjunga National Park will grab your attention, while you trek under Himalayan forest cover followed by a stiff climb to the rugged terrain. This route is the closest to the big mountain treks of Nepal.

Region: West Sikkim
Difficulty: Moderate-Difficult
Highest Altitude: 15,100 ft (approx.)
Duration: 11 days

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Source: tripsavvy.com

Source: tripsavvy.com

6. Hemis National Park:
The trek through the Hemis National Park is a treat for trekking enthusiasts and animal lovers. The national park is the home to varied species of animals namely the snow leopards, Tibetan wolves, and Eurasian brown bear. You can also spot birds like the Golden Eagle. Trekkers will pass through the trans-Himalayan mountainscapes with little vegetation and extreme temperatures. You can also explore the local villages before you head out to seek the local fauna.

Region: Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir 
Difficulty: Difficult
Highest Altitude: 13,400 ft (approx.)
Duration: 13 days

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Source: Jazz Travels

Source: Jazz Travels

Excited to start your hiking journey? If you can recommend more breathtaking trails for the winter, feel free to drop them in the comment box below.

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