Trekking Check-list: 8 things you need to carry with you on your next trip!

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  1. Basic Clothes: Keep ‘em comfy. Obviously you want to be warm. Make sure you apply some vaseline in parts that are prone to chafe.
    –  Carry a couple of fleece shirts and 2 other full shirts.
    –  For down below you’d be good with some track pants or some trekking pants.
    –  A pair of thermal inners also go in.
    –  Jackets: Pack extra if you’re going to be trekking in place where the temperature particularly dips.
    – Rain jackets and rain pants – Because the only thing worse than realising you’re in over your head is being wet while you realise that. Moreover, being wet on a cold trek is the easiest way to get hypothermia, frostbite and other scary stuff.
     – Underwear: Lots and lots of fresh pairs of underwear. Think of all the exercise and sweat. Do we really have to make a case for this one?12 Monsoon Trekking Destinations Near Mumbai and Pune.
  2. Footwear:
    – Boots: Hiking boots should feel like a pillow wrapped around your feet and offer room to wiggle your toes. Try them on at the end of the day (after feet swell) and with the socks you plan to wear. Pick out the right size for you, and wear them out a little bit before you pack them.
    – Gum boots: In case you’re going to places you might find water logged.
    – Socks: It’s generally a good idea for pack a week’s worth of clean socks. Alternate between cotton socks and woollen socks.
  3. Accessory clothing:
      – Poncho: Because there is nothing worse than rain trickling down inside your rain jacket and dripping down a sweaty joint.
     –  Headlamp: If you want to trek at night, or have a reasonable expected of getting delayed and being on the trek post sunset.
     – Carry head accessories like a woolen beanie and a sunhat: Because it’s common for temperatures to vary from hot under the sun to freezing in the shade.
     – Gloves :This goes in your bag both to protect your fingers from chafing from all the things you might have to grab, and because it’s cold high up.
  4. Accessories:
    – Tent: If you’re going to be camping outdoors, and you don’t have a plan, this is an essential.
    – Eyegear: Because you may be badass enough for the mountains, but you’re not badass enough for UV rays.
    – Bug Repellents/ Anti-mosquito creams: The thing about those mountain pastures is that they house big, scary bugs.
    – Walking sticks: We all need someone (or something) to lean on.
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  5. Munchies: Carry lots of snack bars or protein bars. In case you’ve never done it before, trekking is hard work. It will wear you down, and its easy to get cranky when you get hungry and tired – you need snacks in your pockets. They’re easy to consume.
  6. Hydration pack: Carry two 1-liter bottles. Staying hydrated will ensure that you keep going even if the going gets tough.

  7. Medication: A first aid kit definitely goes on the essentials list. Do you have a medical history or allergies? Carry vertigo medicines, pain medication, and medication for some basic ailments. Carry your Dettols, your cotton and your pain relief sprays.
  8. Compass/ GPS/ sextant (if you want to go trekking in the 17th century): If you don’t have a guide, you really don’t want to be lost and stranded in the mountains.

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