Top 5 Marathons in India

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Marathon running culture in India is on the rise. A lot of organisations are setting up various dream runs, half and full marathons in cities, towns and even villages over the country.

The name of the athletic long-distance endurance race, the “marathon”, comes from the legend of Pheidippides, a Greek soldier and runner who was sent from Marathon to Athens to announce that the Persians had been defeated in the Battle of Marathon.

Modern day full marathons cover a distance of 42.195 kilometers. In this list we have considered only full marathons.

So what makes a good marathon? Well, a number of factors. The volunteers, the organisational committee, traffic (rather the absence of it), the route and the beauty on the way, are a few.

With so many options to runs from, here is a list of 5 marathons which every running enthusiast in India should have on their check lists.

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon

Date: 15th Jan, 2017


Gideon Kipketer crosses the finish line in style at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2016. Image Credits:

The big daddy of all Indian Marathons. It is the largest marathon in Asia as well as the largest mass participation sporting event on the continent. It is the richest race in India with a prize pool of USD $377,000.

SCMM has six different race categories: marathon, half marathon, Dream Run, Senior Citizens Race, Champions with Disability category.

The marathon is an event where people from all walks of life participate including Bollywood celebrities, sports personalities, business tycoons and amateur athletes.

Airtel Hyderabad Marathon

Date: 28th Aug, 2016


Airtel Hyderabad Marathon is a typical city marathon, with it’s urban route attracting participants from all over the globe. Organised by Hydrabad Runners, since 2011, the run is aimed at elite runners, enthusiasts, amateurs and beginners alike and has categories catered to each.

Chennai Trail Marathon

Date: 11th Sept, 2016


This run is truly a nature lover’s delight. The route goes through a lake, some forest area and canyons, it is one of the most scenic runs in the country.

Organised by Chennai Trekking Club, this marathon flips the rules of running as it shifts from standard urban routes to trail, thus making it all the more challenging.

Bengaluru Marathon 

Date: 23rd Oct, 2016

Runners of the half marathon begin their run during the "Bengaluru Marathon" in Bangalore on October 19, 2014. A marathon ended in farce in India after the pilot car overshot a turn, forcing the top three runners to take a long detour before abandoning the race -- and taking a bus to the finish line. Other screw-ups took place during the race - runners had to line up at the start behind a row of heavy-set security guards who were slow to get out of the way when the flag went down, causing many competitors to trip over them. AFP PHOTO/STR (Photo credit should read STRDEL/AFP/Getty Images)

The best part about the run is the beautiful Bangalore weather. The route goes through the city and the run is well managed by the organizers. Traffic might be an issue but not enough to deter enthusiastic runners. For those new to running there is the 5K fun run for first timers too along with a half and a full marathon.

Surat Night Marathon

Date: 13th Feb, 2016


This unique night run has runners from around the world. With Akshay Kumar as their brand ambassador, you can expect to see a few celebrities on the track. And for all the new runners out there are numerous otpions like the Half Marathon, the Surti Lala Masti Run (5km fun run for anyone over 12 years), Themed Costume Run (5 km), a 2km race for the senior citizens and a 1km Spirit of Surat Run for the physically challenged.

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