Top 5 Christmas Destinations In India

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Christmas is round the corner. Though it is not one of the most widely celebrated festival in India but you can be rest assured that there are plenty of places you can visit if you are planning to have a good time during Christmas.

Here are the top 5 destinations you must visit for celebrating Christmas: 
1) Goa: Not a surprising choice given the fact that it is the Tourism Capital of India. Given its Portuguese heritage Christmas is celebrated with vigour here. Goa is also home of a massive number of Christians which basically means Goa is where you need to be during Christmas. The gothic churches are lit beautifully and the midnight masses go on till early morning. Also known as the Beach Paradise of India, Goa gives you plenty of reasons to party hard as well as have a nice time with your family. For all you foodies, Goan cuisine is itself an added incentive for you to visit Goa this Christmas. In short Goa is where you need to be if you are looking to celebrate Christmas in full bloom.


2) Pondicherry: A complete contrast to the one on the top of the list, Pondicherry is the place to be if you want to have a tranquil Christmas. A small Union Territory in the southern part of India, it still retains parts which suggest the French colonial rule in the past. Christmas is a rather quiet affair here as compared to Goa but it does not mean that it is not celebrated with joy which is how it is meant to be. A lot of French styled architecture is ready to greet you here and whose beauty just amplifies owing to the Christmas lights. The midnight mass is a definite yes during Christmas just because of the decorative gothic churches. The so called ‘Little France’ is filled with a variety of French cuisines for your taste buds. Overall if you want to have a fully family time spent Christmas Pondicherry should be on the top of your list.

3) Mumbai: Probably the only place where you will encounter people from all religions. The unique thing about Christmas here is that it is not celebrated only in Christian community. It is celebrated all around. The western suburbs of Bandra is place to see. Churches are decorated with lights and people gather and spread joy. The Hill Road is something you shouldn’t miss out on during Christmas. The entire length of the road is decorated with lights and xmas trees. If you are a party goer then there are plenty of Christmas parties at various pubs in the city. With the city in such a merry mood you can’t expect the food to disappoint. You can find all kinds of cuisines at various restaurants across the city. The bakeries are filled with Christmas specialities.

4) Bangalore: Known as the Garden City as well as the IT Hub of India the place wouldn’t strike you as a Christmas destination but you couldn’t be more wrong. The St Patricks Church is a must go place to capture the true essence of Christmas in Bangalore. Apart from that Bangalore provides a unique shopping experience on Brigade Road and Commercial Street. The locals get into the spirit of Christmas but there is a sense of togetherness. As was the case with Mumbai, Bangalore too offers great Christmas parties at various pubs. And with any city in India you will not be disappointed by the array of delicacies available.

5) Kerala: We round off our list with the south-western state of Kerala. The southern state is better known for its Onam celebration but don’t let that stop you from visiting it during Christmas. It has a sizeable Christian population which means you are guaranteed a good time here. The greatest contrast between Christmas in Goa and Christmas in Kerala is that Goa is all about fun and party whereas Kerala epitomizes family gatherings and spreading the joy of Christmas. Not a loud affair but equally enjoyable. The peaceful celebrations is why you must visit Kerala this Christmas.

So what is your favourite destination to celebrate Christmas? Let us know in the comments!!

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