Top 10 Trekking Destinations in India

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(The blog feature image is not from any of the below mentioned Treks. It’s just a depiction of Trekking)

Last year we went on a trek to a nearby mountain and it was a splendid experience. We thought we should compile a list of the best trekking destinations in India. Trekking is an absolute treat for nature lovers.  We’ve read other blogs and we did thorough research on the below locations and found out these are the best in India, and coincidentally they all turn out to be from the northern part of India (Mostly because of Himalayas).  So for first-timers let’s start with the very first step.

The word trek is derived from the Afrikaan word which means Pull & Travel.

We often encounter the word Hiking along with Trekking, there is not much difference here. Hiking is basically a long walk in natural surroundings. Usually, treks are longer, some treks in the Himalayas last for weeks. So we get the basic idea about what Trekking actually is..

Given our country’s vast beautiful natural landscapes. It’s really hard to put together a Top 10 list for the best treks in India because there are so many wonderful locations which are breathtakingly beautiful to the eyes and the soul. We tried our best to take in account, the beauty, the difficulty level and accessibility of the locations and made the following list.

We don’t own the images that are used in the blog post below, we have mentioned due credits for all the images. We tried our best to find the original photographer of the image for taking permissions, still if you feel an image has to be taken down, Please let us know and we will act on in as soon as possible.

10. Buran Ghati Trek

Also known as the Barua Pass trek is near the Shimla District of Himachal Pradesh. Though Shimla is not known for Treks, but if you ask the locals for a trekking location they would suggest this one. This trek goes through a path filled with lush green trees, charming villages and absolute bliss.

Best Season- May-September
Difficulty- Moderate

Image Credits : Himalayan Wanderer (Vaibhav Chauhan) Image Credits : Himalayan Wanderer (Vaibhav Chauhan) Credits: Himalayan Wanderer ( Vaibhav Chauhan)

Image Credits : Himalayan Wanderer (Vaibhav Chauhan)


9. Markha Valley Trek

One of the most beautiful high valleys in Ladakh. Add this on your list if you ever travel to Leh/Ladakh. On your path you’d encounter smiling villagers, streams & beautiful snow peaks. It’s a week long trekking experience. Markha Valley trek is also known for being a ‘tea house trek’ where one can expect accommodation in parachute houses enroute the trek.

Best season- June to October
Difficutly- Moderate

Markha-3 (1)


8. Goecha La Sikkim Trek

This is one of those high altitude trek that starts with the flower dressed lower trails and goes to the tall mountain ranges of Sikkim. You’ll be the closest to the Kanchenjunga at one point in the trail. This trek is a high altitude trek, so if you have a fear of heights. BEWARE!

Best Season- Mid-April to May end & Mid-September to December
Difficulty Level- Moderately Difficult




7. Hampta Pass Trek

This trek offers a dramatic change in scenery throughout the trail, basically a visual delight to the trekkers. The Chandratal lake is something you shouldn’t miss. Considered as one of the easier treks in the Himalayas.

Best Season- June to September
Difficulty- Moderate




6. Chadar Trek

Located in the Leh Ladakh region, this could easily be in the top 5 in India, The Chadar Trek also known as The Frozen River Trek is pretty famous worldwide. Trekkers from all over the globe come here to experience the blissful trail. It’s recommended to be aware of the ice conditions before planning this trek. The path could be really risky.

Best Season- January to Mid-February
Difficulty- Tough




5. Stok Kangri Trek

Regarded as one of India’s highest trekkable summits, situated in Ladakh. The last 1000 m to the summit is very very steep, needs extra care. The whole trail is an adventure, the time of the year you go this place matters. Thick snow, more of equipments required for the trek. All in all, a dramatic high altitude trek. Unless you’re a total expert, don’t plan on going on this one alone.

Best season- July-August
Difficulty- Tough


Credits: From a video snap of


4. Roopkund Trek

Situated at a high altitude of about 5000m in the Chamoli district, Roopkund. It’s famous for the mysterious ‘Skeleton Lake’ which is believed to have remains which are 500–600 years old. Surrounded with snow peaks all around.

Best season- May end to June & Mid-September to Mid-October
Difficulty- Moderate-difficult





3. Great Lakes Trek

Situated in Jammu and Kashmir, If there’s heaven on earth, it is believed it’s here. The top three treks are the all time best treks in India. Just because we had to number them we did. The beautiful mountain ranges, horses, starry sky in the night. You should add this one to your bucket list right away!

Best season- Late May to June and Mid September to Mid October
Difficulty- Moderate Tough




2. Valley of Flowers Trek

As the name suggests, it is seriously a valley full of flowers. A visual you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Regarded as one of the most beautiful trekking trails in India. Located in Uttarakhand, there were stories of trekkers fainting because of the scent of flowers, we don’t know how true are they, but all in all this one’s a true visual delight.

Best season- July to September
Difficulty- Moderate

Credits: This is a depiction of the valley of flowers. The trail may not be along the given picture.

This is a depiction of the valley of flowers. The trail may not be along the given picture.

1. Rupin Pass Trek

Regarded as the best trekking trail in the Himalayas, Rupin Pass is also known as one of the paradises on earth. The river Rupin is the highlight attraction in the trail. The climb is tough, but is worth totally once you reach the top. With dramatic sceneries throughout the trail, you’ll get to witness waterfalls, hanging villages and sparkling white snow.

Best season- May to June & September to October.
Difficulty- Moderate Difficult



The best seasons provided above are taken from the Indiahikes website, the expert trekkers in the country.

Townscript also hosts many treks from all over India. If you’re not a trekker yet, look for the next trek that’s happening around you on our website! Cheers!

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      Hey Mythri, Here we’re just talking about Top 10 Places To Trek in India. So these are the top treks in India. We wil surely come with more blogs which feature Treks from all over India.

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