Things You Should Do on World Aids Day!!

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AIDS is still a huge malice in our society. It is something we can create awareness towards. World Aids day is celebrated on 1st of December. Here are a few things that you can do on your part and 
help create awareness


  • Visit any organization or NGO that helps AIDS patients. Spend half a day with them and get first-hand experience as to what the AIDS patient has to go through each day of their life. Make them feel better by talking to them.
  • You can have a street play event depicting the plight of an AIDS patient and how they are made to suffer by the society. For example, You can make people aware that it’s wrong to see the person as a disease and to cut him off completely.
  • You can organize a flash mob at a nearest mall or a crowded location and depict a message at the end or through the dance. Everyone loves a flash mob.    
  •  Set up a stall in your locality, college etc and sell T shirts, badges or you could even give away ribbons. Be unique with your T shirt design. Tell people that the proceeds from the sale will go towards any AIDS cause. You can set up the stall in the mall too as many mall owners are quite helpful in such cases.
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