Socialising- the very essence of human existence

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Storytelling around a fire in the primitive era;
People carving their experiences on the walls of caves;
Huge social gatherings as mentioned in the mythological books;
The famed swingers parties of the 90s:
Peers connecting on the social media in the current times.

What is the one thing, in common here?

Socialising and a desire to connect with each other, right?
Since time immemorial we have tried to find ways of connecting with each other and coming together; it is only the methods that have changed.
Our ancestors began interacting with one another, to communicate and build a society for existing together. No matter how much of an introvert a person is, the fact that socialising is the biggest part of human existence cannot be denied. It is a process of learning how to become a part of a culture.

Though it has fancied up its appearance and has become synonymous to the term ‘social media’ (which actually has to change, before we become completely imprisoned by it), socialising definitely needs a prominent place in our lives..

Social media should be but a channel for amusement and we should not expect it to fill us up.
The New York Times reported, “Social Interaction Is Critical for Mental and Physical Health”.
The trend of ‘no-internet cafès’, should undoubtedly trigger something inside us. Why or how have we become so dependent, that we need rules to make us sit and actually talk to each other. As is revolution inevitable, so is development with time. But it’s on us,, to decide if we are moving in the right direction.

Year after year, we increasingly look at social media and other digital platforms for connecting with each other. And we even justify it by saying, it’s an easy way to stay in touch. But are we really in touch?

And, God forbid we actually meet in-person, the dreaded-smart-ass-bricks (read- “phones”) don’t let us talk or actually interact. And observe if you dare, that if our phones are taken away from us, we are hardly able to even think, of what should be done next.
We have entered so deep in this massacre that a deliberate defiance of the current norms, is the need of the hour. We need to have an overwhelming desire to come together and socialise.

We understand, after all the years of unconsciously centering our lives around social media, it has become tough to suddenly move away from it.
Thanks to the Almighty or a few socially conscious beings, who have come up with ways of keeping the human connection intact, and kept the charm of social gatherings alive-

Slam poetry sessions  

For lovers of poetry and its beauty, nothing could be better than attending one of these. The experience of hearing someone recite a beautiful piece of poetry, acts like a cradle for the soul. These sessions not only take us to an inner journey, but also helps in meeting people with similar taste.
An evening spent in such a session is sure to leave you with a lighter heated and a lifted mood, and additionally, bring you closer to people and their feelings.

Comedy gigs    

Aha, I am sure we’ve all seen one of these on TV or definitely in person. Go back to when you were actually at the venue and seeing, wasn’t it ten times better than watching it while lazing on your couch? And if you have never experienced a live gig yet, then that is exactly why you should be going to one.
Stand-up comedy shows win hands down if you want to loosen up, after a hectic week. To top it all these shows are more than often followed by a chill session; where people drink and eat together and make merriment. (Just like the old times.)   

Treks and tours

Nothing can be more relaxing than losing yourself in the wilderness and not keeping track of time. And what can be better than connecting with others, when in the laps of nature?
When was the last time you had a heart-to-heart chat with a stranger, or even someone close to you? The daily chores and the advent of technology are taking these simple joys of life away from us. So escape to the beauty of nature and explore not only places but hearts of your fellow travelers.
I am sure the thought of attending a poetry gig, or heading out for a trek and meeting people would have occurred at least a couple of times in your head.

But how to begin this enlightening journey?   

Worry no more, we at Townscript, have taken up the challenge of bringing people out of their houses and breaking the trend of being cramped behind a screen.
We bring to you, all the required information of all the fun and interesting activities happening around you. We serve a platter of events, and you can take your pick depending on your taste. These events are deliberately chosen with a lot of diligence and range from car racings, stage shows, book readings to wine tasting. These events are picked up especially keeping in mind that they are activity based and people benefit from it, in one way or the other.   

So, it’s time to follow your natural instinct and get back to socialising, in the purest of its form.
Let social media take a back seat. Make life happen.

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