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“You need mountains; Long staircases don’t make good hikers.”
– said Amit Kalantri

Questioning why you should spend your weekend going on that hike or suffering through that trek at all? Remember the last time you were in nature’s lap, creating memories?

The fun. The bliss. The solitude.

Why not do it again?
The desire to go on a trek and be one with nature, soon becomes a need – is something we’re all familiar with. The time spent climbing sublime mountains, walking through bundles of clouds, inhaling the scent of pine cones, is worth every second of it.

With the trekking season upon us, we decided to feature some of the best treks and their organisers – all to ensure that when you decide to go on a trek – you can pick ‘the best, amongst the best’. So get ready to know about some amazing treks happening in India and pack yourself with the all the information you need before heading out in the wilderness.   

Meet- Raw Adventure Solutions. They’ve organised a stunning 500+ programs across India and are our pick of the week. Established in 2012, the adventure company has excelled in organizing treks and events having different demands and dealing with completely different sets of audience. From corporate outbound programs and Himalayan treks to children’s camps and weekend getaways, the organizer has done it all. Raw Adventure Solutions (RAS) also provides consulting services and have started acting as a consultant for Maharashtra Tourism for their upcoming projects. Need we say more about their authenticity?
Let’s talk about a few amazing programs organized by them.

Panshet Parikrama-  The river and the trail

Sleeping with the sound of water flowing downstream and waking up to the sight of lush green mountains. No, I am not describing a portion of heaven, rather I am talking about the surreal experience of the Panshet backwaters. Pansheet has been the ideal weekend getaway for Mumbai and Pune dwellers since ages.
RAS took a batch of 140 people back in 2014 for a 2-day camping and cycling expedition.
Here is what, Rahul Singh had to say about the experience, “I have been actively traveling for 2 years now and Panshet backwater was on my list from quite some while and I had the most amazingly coordinated stay with RAS. I don’t think the trek could have been any better.”

Run D Hills- The calories and the trees

The backbone of Raw Adventure Solutions is the pledge to sustainable development and giving it back to nature. With the aim of planting trees and spreading awareness about its importance, RAS organized a ‘Run D Hills’ trail run in 2015.
The event yielded great results and RAS has ever since, continued with such marathons and runs, bringing people together and promoting social causes.  

Bhimashankar Bhorgiri Forest Trail- The forest and the waterfall
A dense forest situated in the crest of the Western Ghats is the pride of Maharashtra. This July, RAS set out with 35 people to explore the Bhimashankar wildlife sanctuary, making each participant see a side of nature they had never seen before.
For Priyanka, one of the travelers with RAS, this was her first trek. Right after coming back, she said, “I was very apprehensive about going on any trek but I am thrilled with the experience and already looking forward to the next one.”
Gupt Bhimashankar Bhorgiri is one the most popular trails in Maharashtra and RAS has been organizing treks in this region for 4 years now. If you want to make the most out of your next weekend, this is the trek that you should head to.   

If the chirping of birds bring joy to your ears and the streams of water playing hide and seek in the forest excite you, you wouldn’t want to miss this trek.
Raw Adventure Solutions has been associated with Townscript for about four years now and are one of our favorites to work with.

If you have been looking for a few quick tips and tricks regarding marathons or treks, here is what RAS had to say-

  • My safety is my responsibility- RAS believes that it should be the motto of every traveler and adventure enthusiast. They suggest one should get an answer to a few questions before heading out to an event or a trek, like, ensure that the organization is registered and get information about the experts that are going to be present on the trek or at the marathon and so on.
  • Know about the emergency response plan- RAS suggests that irrespective of how famous or well-known an organizer is, one should definitely have a good knowledge of the emergency response plan.
  • Know about the difficulty level and personal capacity– It is a matter of necessity that a person should understand the level of difficulty involved before heading out for an expedition and decide accordingly. Foreseeing the challenges that might come on the way will help one better prepare for a trek,  marathon or a cycling activity.
  • Treks to avoid– One should avoid going to overcrowded places and rather indulge in activities which will leave an enriching experience and also bring one close to nature. And also safety should be a priority, and treks like Devkund or Andharban trek should be avoided during heavy rainfall as they can be life-threatening due to flash floods in such areas.
  • Inform people around you– Another tip that RAS has to give is- “inform about your trek to relatives, friends and local villagers” as this would be of help if something goes out of hand.

So it’s time to get away from your daily routine and take the break that you deserve. Ditch your friends and get ready to hang out with the village kids. Say no more to the black coffees and yes to the ginger tea of secluded tea-shops. Pack your bags and get ready to create memories.
Here is a quick look at the upcoming treks and events organised by Raw Adventure Solution.

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