How Nature Walkers is Offering More Than Fitness Goals With Their Experiential Treks

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Extremely popular in South India and one of the most recommended trekking club, Nature Walkers offers an opportunity to explore new places during your weekends. Nature Walkers have conducted more than 500 treks so far, served almost 6000 participants in the last couple of years, and have constantly maintained their Facebook review rating to 4.9/5 for 3+ years. They are a certified agency, with certified mountaineers from Government Institute of India for mountaineering and expedition in the team.

Here’s an insightful interview with their team for all the trekking enthusiasts and for beginners.

How would you describe your work?

We hike, we climb, we run, we travel, we dance, we sing, we live every moment of our life. We offer an opportunity to explore new places for a small duration of a weekend. We organize treks mostly in South India covering beautiful peaks in Western Ghats and Himalayas. As we walk the realms of nature and explore untouched forests, majestic mountains, and hidden foliage, we venture into the wild and offer people experiences rather than just health & fitness goals.

What motivated you to organize trekking?

Nature Walker Team Bonding

Trekking is not only beneficial for health and fitness, but it also develops several other qualities in you including leadership, consistency, and motivation to achieve a goal. Nature Walkers conducts trekking not just for fitness, but also to help participants in developing their social bonding abilities, and developing their awareness about cleanliness and wildlife preservation.

We have always aimed for a sense of excitement of achieving something in our life by traveling to the moderately difficult but beautiful peaks in Western Ghats and Himalayas.

What would you advise our readers for their upcoming treks?

Treks can vary enormously in terms of distance, altitude, conditions and difficulty of trails. There are a few steps you could take beforehand to make sure you are ready for the upcoming adventure.

Here are our preparatory tips for your upcoming trek:

  1. Walk regularly
  2. Use stairs more often
  3. Improve your walking style and habits
  4. Train yourself with a backpack
  5. Invest in a good pair of shoes
  6. Include small aerobic exercise in your daily routine

Treks can be divided in three different categories – easy, moderate and difficult. Each one of them requires a specific level of skill set and if you are not prepared for the challenges, your first trek might be daunting.

What are Nature Walker’s 5 most recommended treks and what are their timelines?

Nature Walkers Kudremukh

All our treks have something unique and special to offer. While many of them are available throughout the year but timing plays an important role in defining your entire trekking experience. The best suitable times to explore nature walker’s treks are as follows:

1) Kudremukh Trek

This trek is best suited for monsoon and after the monsoon time period. Usually, this trek is closed from Jan to May because of the animal migration of the Kudremukh regions.

2) Kodachadri Trek

This trek is also most suitable for monsoon and after monsoon period. Although there is no restriction in doing this trek in any other season but the valley is lit up during monsoon with its green dense jungles and beautiful sunset from Peak ( Shankaracharya Temple).

3) Gokarna Beach Trek

This is a most suitable trek for Winter, early Summer and post-monsoon as the places get deserted during non-seasonal months or monsoon months. But the place regains its beauty with people coming in & enjoying its hidden beaches, soft white sand and beautiful mesmerizing sunsets.

4) Meesapulimala Trek

This is one of the highest trekkable paths in western ghats, located near beautiful hill station – Munnar. Although it is totally governed and monitored by the Kerala forest department, the aspirant gets many opportunities to explore this region with the help of the forest department. Best suitable time to trek is monsoon and post-monsoon.

5) Nishani Motte Trek

Situated in the heart of Coorg region, this trek has its own beauty and difficulties. Best suitable time to explore this trek is post monsoon, winter and early summer of the year.

What have been Nature Walkers’ 5 most successful treks so far?

While participants enjoy the entire trekking experience and usually have one striking experience that they enjoyed the most during their trek, the following treks are the most enjoyed treks in our participant’s database.

As an organizer, what has helped you grow in the last three years?

It has been a long journey organizing trek for all the trek enthusiasts and for beginners, with a steep learning curve and a lot of fun. We learned that three things that define our success and our relationship with our customers are:

One, being able to spread-out our events and event-related information to the right customers.

Two, being able to socialize with participants during the treks and get to know them better to understand their preferences. This has helped us constantly improve our offerings.

Three, being able to respond to customers’ queries within an acceptable time frame.

Whether you are a beginner or already a pro at trekking, don’t hold yourself back and get all set to explore the southern part of India with unique trekking experiences organized by Nature Walker.

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