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84 km barefoot run. 10 km swim in open water and 423 km cycling. Coupled with salt & pepper hair. And chiseled hot looks.

Who is the man that comes to your mind? Milind ‘Stunning’ Soman. Right?

There could be no one else. After winning the Ironman title, the 53-year-old man went ahead and earned the title of ‘Ultraman’, which is the world’s toughest endurance challenge and an ‘invite only’ competition. He has added a new charm to the latest trend of the current time- Marathons.

Trends are something very dynamic. One moment we as a society will obsess about something and the other we will jump to something else. We have things trending that we thought wouldn’t last long, like the facebook stories but they are pretty much here. Similarly, Snapchat is here whereas Prisma is something that came and went with a poof!
Somethings stick around and somethings don’t. And marathon is something that we think- would & should stay.

Did you know that the name ‘Marathon’ is picked up from the name of a town? Interesting, right? Race back to some two and a half thousand years back.
So it all began in Greece, when a soldier named Pheidippides, from a town named ‘Marathon’ run to the Athens in 490 B.C. Barefoot, he ran a good twenty-five miles in the rugged mountainous terrain to announce the news of Greece’s victory over the Persian army.
The laborious man reached the royal court and delivered the message “Nike!” (victory) then swooned over and died. To commemorate his heroic efforts, a long distance race named ‘Marathon’ was introduced in Olympics.
Interestingly enough the first marathon was won by a Greek postal worker, Spyridon Louis. Marathon running, has been an international sport since 1896.

Today with around 1500 marathons run across the world, India is fast catching up with this previously international sport. It is also becoming a way for people to support charitable and social causes.
Milind Soman the swimmer-turned-model-turned-actor-turned-athlete is the brand ambassador of Pinkathon- which is India’s biggest women’s run.
Today we can see people from all backgrounds and corners of the world joining the trend.
Be it the Hollywood stars- from Oprah Winfrey who ran the 1994 Marine Corps Marathon, to Katie Holmes, who ran the New York Marathon in 2007. Hollywood has seen a lot of the celebs taking part mostly for motivating people and also becoming the part of charities.
Interestingly so- the business arena is also not behind. Some of the world’s most successful businesspeople are also avid runners – co-owner of the World’s Best Restaurant, Eleven Madison Park- Daniel Hum is an active runner and has found similarities between running and cooking- ‘for one thing, both require a long-term vision’.

Spreading like a wildfire- common people have too, taken up the sport and made big names in the sport.
One such man is, Mehul Ved- a techie turned iron man. He is a system administrator who pushed his own limits and successfully took the ultimate endurance test – the iron man.

A mother of two, 37-year-old Shailja Sridhar says, ‘I run because it keeps me happy’. With constant bite-sized improvements for three years, the runner qualified for Boston in her second marathon.

And at par with them, is Sangeeta Saikia- a dentist, who serves the poorest of the poor at a Government Hospital in West Delhi, has managed to carve a niche for herself as one of the most prominent marathon runners in India.

Reading about these inspirational people, who took up something and kept going is nothing short of being highly motivational. If your spirit has also risen as high as mine, and you can’t stop yourself from thinking of becoming a part of this vogue, sign up with Townscript, now.
It will keep you notified and provide time-to-time information about the upcoming marathon events in your city. Don’t lose out on the opportunity of meeting like-minded people who might be beginning the journey just like you, or people who have already been on this adventure for a while now. And will help you grow through it while you go through it.

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