Marathon Training Tips by IronMan Lihas Trivedi

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Lihas Trivedi is a 46 year old Triathlete, Ultra marathoner and Founder of Amdavad Distance Runners. He also happens to be the founder and director of LS Sports Management Pvt. Ltd. His company organizes and manages sports events of all kinds. Lihas Trivedi is Limca Book of World Record holder for running a distance of 194.02 Kms in 25 hours on a treadmill, breaking the previous best of 171 Kms and a National record holder for running 24 hours in Gurgaon for over a distance of 182 Kms.

He has been running several marathons and more than 10 Ultra-Marathons across the globe. He was the first from Gujarat to run a Comrades Ultra Marathon in Durban, South Africa. He has been conferred with the title of Ironman 70.3 in Perth Australia.

Lihas Trivedi has shared with us some valuable tips that running enthusiasts can use while training for a Marathon.

Lihas suggests that first-timers must start by putting on their running shoes and going for a walk/jog in the nearby jogger’s park. Jogging and running in company of other fitness enthusiasts would keep you motivated. It is advisable to start with a combination of walk and jog for a short distance, for instance 1 Km on alternate days for a minimum of 3 days a week, gradually increasing the distance. The ideal ratio of jog and walk should be 50:50 in a training. You should be able to jog 1 km within 2 weeks’ time in 6 sessions. If you consistently follow this routine you would build endurance for 5 to 7 Kms within a couple of months. If you train consistently you must be able to cross the 10 Kms mark in about 3 months with ease.

First-timers may experience aches, pains and stiffness in the initial phase of training. Lihas explains that, it is usual for the body to react to muscle training in this manner, one must not stop training due to aches and pains, the body would gradually acclimatize to the fitness routine, however if the pain is unbearable you must consult a doctor at the earliest.

Training with a motivational buddy or a group of fitness enthusiasts helps in maintaining consistency and routine. You must continue to walk along with your jogging routine. After years of training Lihas has figured that endurance running is mostly a mind game, and if pursued consistently it will certainly yield results.

After reaching the 10 Kms mark you must aim for the half marathon. To train for the half marathon you should be running 40 Kms in 4 sessions within a weeks’ time. If you split it, it comes to 10 Kms per session every week. Once you achieve this goal you must practice this for 3 to 5 weeks and then attempt your first half marathon.

It is a sign of high optimism if you aim to win in your first try – Lihas suggests you try to better your personal timing with each run and at every marathon event. This will ensure that you improve your timing with every run and achieve your goal.

Lihas emphasizes the importance of nutrition. One must consume carbohydrates 15 to 30 minutes before starting training routine and after the training is over one must consume proteins like dal, pulses, eggs or protein in any other natural form. Training at a normal level requires adequate protein consumption. 1gms of protein – per Kg of body weight and a rigorous training regime requires 1.5gms of protein – per Kg of body weight. Along with taking care of your dietary intake, you must also remain well hydrated at all times. Keeping in mind the hot and grimy heat Lihas suggests carrying 750 ml of water and 250 ml of ORS to make up the loss of body salts during a strenuous workout.

Proper workout gear is important to ensure a comfortable and injury free workout. Lihas insists on the importance of wearing proper running shoes and appropriate sportswear that do not induce irritable friction between body and cloth during a workout. There are lubes and creams available in the market to help ease irritation during workout too

Lihas Trivedi believes that fitness and exercise is the key to a happy life, workout should not be a task but a lifestyle choice.

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