Marathon Training Tips by Ironman Abhishek Mishra

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On 26th September, 2015, Indian Triathlete, Marathoner and Ultra-Runner Abhishek Mishra was conferred upon the title of Ironman after winning the triathlon in Mallorca, Spain from amongst 2600 triathletes who had participated from across the globe in the tasking event.

Abhishek Mishra has his roots in Uttar Pradesh and has been living in Gurgaon since the past eight years now. He holds a degree in electrical engineering along with a masters in marketing and international business. He quit his corporate job to pursue his passion.

Ironman Abhishek Mishra

Ironman Abhishek Mishra

Ironman, organized by World Triathlon Corporation, is one of the world’s toughest one-day sporting events consisting of 3.8 km of swimming, 180 km of bicycle riding and 42 km running which has to be completed within a stipulated time frame of 17 hours only.

Abhishek Mishra, who took part in this sport for the first time ever, completed the triathlon in a mere time span of 14:27:10 hours. He believes that it is his hard-work and his mentor’s faith in him that helped him achieved the unimaginable.

Abhishek Mishra also launched the first community-oriented full marathon named ‘Millennium City Marathon’ in Gurgaon on November 1st 2015. Now, he is hosting Lucknow City’s first ever Half Marathon. He also plans to bring the one-day Triathlon to India.

This 30-year-old was an avid soccer player before he gave in to the mundane routine of a fast paced corporate career in Gurgaon. It was only when he received an invitation to a city based marathon and made up his mind to participate in it. This made him kick slumber out, embrace his fitness routine and eventually rise to win the title of Ironman.

Most of us lack the motivation to get started with a fitness routine. Abhishek believes that following a fitness regime is positively addictive lifestyle choice that has numerous benefits. To motivate you towards a choosing a healthy and sporty lifestyle, we spoke to Abhishek to learn more about how he trained for this endurance sport.

If you plan to choose fitness over lethargy we have listed down training tips that you must follow from the Ironman himself.

  • Unlike the usual Marathons, Triathlon is a different endurance sports, Abhishek suggests to please go slow once you start training. The age-old Mantra ‘Slow and steady wins the race’ works here too.
  • One at a time: Attempt to learn each sport involved in the triathlon one by one and try to excel in each one of them.
  • Swimming needs to be learned from basics and from a competent coach. Do not compromise on technique as it plays an important role when you swim for 3.8 km on a Triathlon.
  • Be Disciplined: You need follow a consistent routine with your training.
  • Be active: Aim at doing one or the other sport every alternate day to master all of them.
  • Build The Endurance: Endurance required for triathlon comes gradually with every single day of rigorous training. So build it accordingly do not rush into it.
  • Imbibe all these activities into your lifestyle. This will help you stay fit and ready to compete in any sport event you wish to.
  • Abhishek does not suggest using of any kind of supplement. He believes that, every single human being can condition their body according to their requirement. He prefers natural foods over any other artificial ones.
  • Eat Healthy: Avoid junk, fried and processed sugary food items that bring in lethargy to your body.
  • Most important thing: Believe in yourself and rest everything will follow.

Hope these tips help you achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle. Do let us know how you liked this post in the comments box below.

Update: Ironman Abhishek Mishra’s Lucknow City Half Marathon on 7th Feb 2016
Lucknow City Half Marathon

Lucknow City Half Marathon

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