Lessons learned at Startup Saturday Pune

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Attended my first Startup Saturday event in Pune yesterday. It had following speakers Arun Purohit (Co-founder Wicfy), Ruta Potnis (Faculty for UX, Symbiosis Institute of Design) and Kiran Sabnis (UI Practice Head, Fiserv). Overall the sessions were good and informative, though not many entrepreneurs were part of attendees, crowd was enthusiastic & curious.

I went there with 2 motives. First, to listen and learn from entrepreneurs & speakers, and secondly to understand how an event & conference software solution can be made useful in such settings. So here are the lessons I learned:

1) Everybody introduced themselves at start of the event, and this went around for 40 mins. Although it had some entertainment value, but usefulness can be questioned. One thing is that it takes up time. Another is that I can hardly recall names and info of 2-3 attendees out of 50 that were present. Any solution that lists out the attendees i.e. their name, designation, company, twitter url and bit of their bio would be pretty nice.

2) Speakers used PPTs while giving their speaking sessions. After Ruta Potnis’s session, couple of attendees asked if her PPT can be made available after event is over. Agreeing to that said she will check how to do that and will inform accordingly. So an easy solution, where speakers can put their content before/after the event would be a real value add for the attendees.

3) Every talk was followed by Q & A session. Since time constraints allowed only to have maximum 4-5 questions that left many attendees with unattended queries. An utility that makes it possible for speakers to attend these questions post event, with other attendees able to see it, would be handy.

These were some nice lessons I learned yesterday. Hopefully technology, and our startup +Townscript in particular, will be able to do some justice to these needs, and make event attending a much more engaging & richer experience. Cheers!

Note: This is copy of original article that was posted here on 12th May 2013.

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