La Tomatina Festival 2014 Pune – All you need to know about it

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La Tomatina Festival 2014 Pune is back with the bang. The event is going to be held on 24th August 2014 at Raga Lawns, Koregaon Park, Pune. The event is going to be a huge fun a must attend with you family & friends. And the best part is whatever amount you pay will be used for the victims of the landslide that occured in Malin Gaon near Pune few days back.

But before you decide to go for Tomatina festival with your closed ones, let’s try to understand what exactly it is and why you should go for it.


What is La Tomatina Festival and when did it start?

The festival started from the the city of Brunol in Spain. Even currently, It is majorly celebrated in the city of Brunol in Spain at the end of August every year. It was started in 1944 or 1945.

There are many theories on how this event originated but there’s no certainty about that. One popular theory is that disgruntled townspeople attacked city councilmen with tomatoes during a town celebration. Whatever happened to begin the tradition, it was enjoyed so much that it was repeated the next year, and the year after that, and so on.

In Spain, those who partake in this event are strongly encouraged to wear protective safety goggles and gloves. In addition, they must squish the tomatoes before throwing for safety precautions. Another rule is that no one is allowed to bring into this fight anything that may provoke someone into a more serious brawl, such as a glass bottle.

Where is  La Tomatina Festival 2014 held in Pune?
It is going to held at Raga Lawns, Koregaon Park, 2014

When is la tomatina festival 2014 in pune?
24th August 2014

How is la Tomatina festival celebrated in Pune?
Unlike atomato fightthat happens in spain, in Pune it is celebrated with Jelly Balls and not with Tomatoes.This is in order to save the wastage of Tomatoes.

What is the price of the pass?
Donation Pass  is for Rs.750 per person (Includes cover of Rs.250)

How to Buy Donation Passes?
Townscript is the Official Ticketing Partner for the event: Buy Now before the passes get over 

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