How a trek can make you a better human being?

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Trekking has a rich human history. Some people trek to get sense of adventure, some do it to visit places of worship and others do it to take a break from monotonous routines. Whatever the motivation, every trekking experience changes you from within that too for the better. Following are the reasons why –

1) Sense of purpose – Every trek starts with a single purpose i.e. to reach the peak. You negotiate all hardships and pains but try to fulfill this one singular purpose of the trek. Although the trek ends, but something remains i.e. the conditioning, of your mind & body to go after your aim despite all the adversities.


2) Team work – I remember the lines of our trek leader, when we started a difficult trek of Tapovan, he said – “this place is 4500 meters above sea level and -15 degrees at night so everyone should remember one thing, together we survive, individually we die”. And trust me, never in years I had experienced such a quality team work where everyone tried to compliment one another, sharing the workload and backing up each other. After the trek, we came back becoming better team players.


3) Friend generator – Treks are time for lots of walk, as well as lots of talk. The setting works perfectly to lower one’s guard and share openly with fellow trekkers. If the trek includes night stay with bonfire, well it’s a bliss. I am still great friends with many of my fellow trekkers even after years. Whenever we meet, we relive those fun & thrill moments. 


4) Sense of beauty – Treks give you unique opportunity to connect with nature. And mind you, it is not the artificial one i.e. found in parks or gardens, but nature’s most raw, untouched and beautiful form. In words of John Keats – “A thing of beauty, is a joy forever”.

What are your trekking experiences that changed you? Let us know in the comments.

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