8th Namah Nainital Monsoon Mountain Marathon

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Race categories – 21k Men | 10k Women | 10k Men | 10k Veterans (45+) | 3k Run for Fun

  • All the registered participants will get running t-shirt, timing chip, bib number, finisher medal after completing the run & online timing certificate & SMS next day after the event date.

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  • 27-08-2017 All day

    The 9th edition of the GUWAHATI HALF MARATHON will be held on August 27th, 2017. Ever since its inception in 2009, the GHM has evolved coherently over the years to currently stand as the biggest half Marathon in the North East India. This year, we take in hand the initiative to spread awareness about ‘organ donation’ among the general public.

    GHM mainly consists of three events:

    1. GLORY RUN (21 KM) - The flagship race of the GHM, 21 km race is organized for professional runners. Chip timers will be provided to record the exact time of the run. Participants from all backgrounds can participate.
    AGE LIMIT: Anyone above 14 years can participate.

    2. SPIRIT RUN (6 KM) - It is a 6km race specially designed for people who wish to bring a change in society by being part of the initiative took up by us this year in GHM.
    AGE LIMIT: It is open to all age groups.

    3. GENERAL CHAMPIONSHIP (6 KM) - This is an event exclusive for schools and colleges, where they battle it out for that one trophy of the General Championship. Participants shall run only in the spirit run (6 km general run). The top three institutes carry home the trophy and many more exciting goodies.
    AGE LIMIT: It is open to all age groups.

    PRIZE MONEY: The total prize money is Rs.2 Lakhs for the two race categories- 21K run and 6K run.

    ACCOMMODATION: Accommodation for all professional runners can be provided, if needed, at IIT-G campus.

  • 27-08-2017 06:00 - 27-08-2017 10:00

    Race categories - 5 km | 10 km
    Cash prizes for overall top 3 male & female runners.

    • Baggage counter & car parking area will be there.
    • Runners will get water , medical (first aid ) & energy drink station on per km and volunteers will be on the route for helping runners.
    • All the registered participants will get running t-shirt , timing chip bib number , finisher medal after completing the run & online timing certificate next day from the event date.

  • 03-09-2017 All day

    India’s beloved corporate 5k race turns 10 this year! Urban Stampede is India’s first multi-city corporate running race. Into its 10th edition, this flagship race is the brainchild of Runners for Life.

    The event is intended:

    • For new runners to start their fitness journey and have a world class event to train for.
    • To get Corporate India fit.

    The race has enriched the lives of over 25,000 Indians over the last 10 years.

  • 03-09-2017 All day

    It does not matter how slow you GO, as LONG as YOU don’t STOP!

    Race categories -  12 KM | 6 KM | 3 KM

    What you get: Trophies for the winners in 12km , 6km , 3km (men / women), t-shirt and timing chip bib number for all the participants, medals & refreshments at the finish line for all, medical support, energy drink stations & water stations.

  • 03-09-2017 All day

    Western State Sports Management is celebrating the joy of running!!

    For this edition, they are pleased to introduce the competitive 10k category along with their classic 5k category. Please note: the route for both the categories are different. Both will start and finish at the car park.

    Race categories -  10 KM | 5 KM

    • Only 10k participant’s timings will be recorded. Participants are required to reach the mid checkpoint (Chaturshringi temple or NDA Pashan Road, depending on the category) and the finish line within the specified time. Failure to reach these points within time will automatically result in a DNF.

    • Beautiful Event Dri-Fit T-shirts can be purchased separately for an additional cost of Rs 350. They will be unveiling the custom design soon.

  • 03-09-2017 All day

    Organised by "Lakshya Sports Club" in the city of Ludhiana, the Ludhiana Half Marathon will be spreading the message of 'Stop Violence Against Women'. The organizers are expecting a large number of runners to participate in this run.

    Race categories - 21KM | 10 KM | 5 KM

    • Participants will get a T-shirt, Finisher Medal and a Certificate.
      In the previous mail, the location was wrong. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

  • 10-09-2017 All day

    Lets run on the state border between 2 states (gujarat-maharashtra) under the heritage shadow of fort songadh. A unique cross border songadh navapur half marathon.

    The route promises to be full of lush greenery, cool oxygen, natural beauty region, rivers, lakes, hills in the view, water streams and water falls. The excitement of running over the state border will definitely bring a win over smile in your heart. On one side you will pass purna wild life forest (also known as wild leopard sanctuary) and on the other side you will have the ukai dam water reservoir area. Many tribal villages on route will add beauty in your run.


  • 10-09-2017 All day

    21K, 10K, Diplomatic Run: 5K, Dream Run 5K, Walkathon: 2KM


  • 10-09-2017 All day

    Monsoon is a special phenomenon that pampers only the Indian subcontinent and not for nothing. Especially for our part of the world where it unleashes the riot of green. To celebrate this beautiful gift of nature, RUNON has launched the "The RUN Drops". Come, sync your heart with the weather and your steps with the drops!

  • 10-09-2017 All day

    We feel the pleasure by inviting the people of Madurai city to join this revolution of bringing a change in today's lifestyle. The idea for the run is to promote healthy and active lifestyle. So join us with your family and friends and run any of the below categories in HCL Madurai 10km Run:

    • 10km Speed Challenge (Timed Run with Prize Money).
    • 5km Run (Timed Run with Prize money).
    • 3km Joy of Running/Walk (Joy of Running).
    • Lets run in numbers to start this annual running bonanza of healthy and active lifestyle.
  • 17-09-2017 All day

    The PNB METLIFE SHHM is held annually in the historic city of Satara, the erstwhile capital of the Maratha Kingdom founded by the legendary Warrior King Shrimant Chhatrapati ShivajiRaje Bhosale.

    The PNB METLIFE SHHM is a proud member of the AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races) Usually held in the first half of September , the event attracts runners from all over India as well as elite athletes and running enthusiasts from all around the world. The sixth edition of this popular event will take place on Sunday, 17th September 2017.

    In our last [the 5th ] edition,we have broken our own previous GUINNESS WORLD RECORD and set a higher benchmark for the “Most people in a mountain run - Single mountain”. The official record now stands at an impressive figure of 4081.

    We are all geared up and committed to ensuring an even more festive atmosphere for our 6th edition, when we will be attempting to break our own record again and creating a new benchmark for our Guinness World Records title for the third straight year in a row!

  • 17-09-2017 All day

    The Pune Marathon, is an annual international marathon held in Pune, India, on the third Sunday of September every year. It’s going to be a one of the largest marathon in Asia as well as the largest mass participation sporting event on the continent. It will be the charity race in India with aim of fund raising amount estimation Rs.5,00,000/-.

    PM has four different race categories:- Dream Run (10 km), Fun Run (5 km), Senior Citizens Race (4 km) and Champions with Disability category (3 km).


  • 17-09-2017 All day

    About Swift Devils Circuit Chennai:
    Ever felt that adrenaline hit like you’re standing at the edge of the world? That one leap which knocks the wind out of you? Imagine all of that, on a 5km rugged track with 15 obstacles custom-built to test your physical and mental fitness! Swift Devils Circuit is the biggest obstacle run in India and its coming to your city. Eat. Slay. Sleep. Repeat! Forge new friendships, reinstate a few lost ones and have a gala time! Swift Devils Circuit is all about pushing your limits and reaching levels of an extraordinaire that you you’ve been hiding all this while. Play human foosball, dance with strangers, get insane pictures clicked and leave with an ever-lasting experience!

    There are two categories that you can choose from-

    Competitive - Being in the competitive category means racing for the fastest time in completing the circuit. Compete as a team or as individuals. The top 3 in both men and women’s division will be rewarded amazing prizes for their superhuman performances. If you cross the finish line with your bib still pinned on, you will also get your timing certificate stipulating the time you took to complete the course.

    Non-Competitive - This category is for those participants who want to enjoy the day and complete the course at their leisure. A fabulous fun filled event if you come with a group of family, friends & colleagues. Your run is not timed and you may leave any obstacle that you wish to. The course for both categories of participation is the same.

    Legends Cup - Are you always showing off your strength at the gym? Do you think you can #SlayTheDevil at every Swift Devils Circuit run? Then Legends Cup is just the competition for you! It’s very simple, buy the Season Ticket and be at the top of the Leaderboard table in every city you run. What do you get for all that effort you ask? Well, top the Leaderboard table at the end of the season and you win a brand new Maruti Suzuki Swift! That’s not all though, if you’ve ended up in the top 5 but missed out on the car, there will be a hefty cash prize waiting for you!

    Also, the Legends Cup has both men and women categories.

  • 24-09-2017 All day

    Thrill Zone is an organization working towards the establishment of running as a serious sport by means of marathons and extensive training. We at Thrill Zone are committed to the cause of healthy living catering running fraternity to promote Running Culture.

    Distance Categories:
    21 km, 10 km and 5 km
    1- 21 km (Half Marathon) - Competitive Run With Timing Chip
    2- 10 km - Competitive Run With Timing Chip

    Age Category :-
    21 km (Half Marathon) - Male/Female
    18 to 30 years
    30 to 40
    40 to 50
    10 km - Male/Female (Open to all)
    5 km is open to all.


  • 24-09-2017 All day

    The Kochi Marathon, is an annual international marathon held in Kochi, India, on the Fourth Sunday of September every year. It’s going to be a one of the largest marathon in Asia as well as the largest mass participation sporting event on the continent. It will be the charity race in India with aim of fund raising amount estimation Rs.5,00,000/-.

    KM has four different race categories:- Dream Run (10 km), Fun Run (5 km), Senior Citizens Race (4 km) and Champions with Disability category (3 km).


  • 30-09-2017 - 02-10-2017 All day

    It is the first and one of its kinds “Sky Running” event in India set on the rugged and rough single trails, gravels and pony tracks of Solang Valley, Manali. It’s a run in the mountains above ~2000m altitude. The climbing difficulty will not exceed second degree grade & incline will be over 30%. The athletes will have choices to run in either of these categories – 30km and 60km. It will definitely be a wild story of human endeavor and sheer will power to inspire the masses.

    Men Solo
    Women Solo

    Distance: 60 km
    Cutoff Time: Men = 12:00 hrs, Women = 12:30 hrs
    Total elevation gain: 5350m

    Distance: 30 km
    Cutoff Time: Men = 6:00 hrs, Women = 6:15 hrs
    Total elevation gain: 5350m