8 Trekking destinations within 600 KMS of Delhi for your next weekend getaway!

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  1. Kheerganga:
    Distance from Delhi: 550 km
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Nearest hill station: Parvati Valley

    This is the one you have probably heard of. It’s famous as a revered hippie trails. It’s situated at the end of the Parvati Valley of stoner fame (we’re totally not endorsing drugs), do this hike for the pristine view of the mountains and the alpine forests and the struggling, noisy waves of the crashing river. We’d recommend you avoid going there during the months of December and January because the trail gets really slippery.

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  2. Chopta Chadrashila:
    Distance from Delhi: approximately 450 km
    Difficulty: Moderate to Advanced
    Nearest transport hub: Haridwar

    This will remind you of a distant childhood dream, or a Disney movie. If you’ve ever pictured yourself, walking in the mountains, surrounded by Deodar and Oak trees, filled with pink and red flowers, this is the trek you need to go on. As a fully qualified weekend trip, this one starts from the tiny village of Chopta, nestled comfortably in the bosom of the Himalayas.

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  3. Triund:
    Distance from Delhi: 476 km
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Nearest transport hub: McLeodgunj

    It features everything you’ve dreamed about. The beautiful instagrammable slopes of majestic mountains on one side and the Kangra valley, stretching into the abyss on another. It’s one of the shorter treks and is of an easy to medium difficulty. Go for the scenic beauty and stay for the flora, the fauna and the birds.

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    Source: b365

    Source: b365

  4. Dayara Bugyal:
    Distance from Delhi: 425 km
    Difficulty: Easy
    Nearest transport hub: Haridwar Railway Station

    Arguably the most beautiful meadows in India, this trek offers you open spaces, the herds of sheep scattered through the horizon, and the shepherds who have herded sheep from afar to converge on this perfect grazing spot, dandelions and white flowers decorating the beautiful carpet of green.

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  5. Kuari Pass trek:
    Distance from Delhi: 484 km.
    Difficulty: Easy
    Nearest transport hub: Haridwar

    We’d like to call this the beginners’ paradise. Why? Because it feels like it was carved by nature to aid the beginner. Forests of oak that aren’t too thick or too thin, campsites that are perfect and picturesque, sprawling meadows that appear between beautiful openings after which the forest rise again. It’s isn’t rough enough and the forests are clear enough and ancient enough for you to lose your Himalayan trekking virginity here.

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    Source: tripzuki

    Source: tripzuki

  6. Hatu Peak:
    Distance from Delhi: 431 km
    Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
    Nearest transport hub: Shimla

    Glory be to the lesser known treks, those hidden between mountain passes, tightly packed so their stories never escape. Consider this trek to be the full trekking experience. Hatu Peak Trek is a day hike which packs in everything that you get in a full-fledged Himalayan trek – dark pine forests, superb mountain views, enchanting meadows and the thrill of walking on snow, provided you time it right.

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  7. Hampta Pass:
    Distance from Delhi: approximately 475 km
    Difficulty: Slightly Advanced
    Nearest transport hub: Manali

    Hampta pass rises from the Kullu valley. It’s particularly special because of its crossover characteristics. When you climb out from the Kullu valley, you reach a breathtaking overhang, situated high up in the mountains. When you stand on the overhang the contrast you see to the bustle of the Kullu valley is breathtaking. Right before you stands the Lahaul desert, in every way different from where you came from.

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