6 Adventure Sports near Pune that you should check out this weekend!

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1. Paragliding, Kamshet:
Distance from Pune: 45 KM

Located 16 KMS from Lonavala and Khandala, Kamshet has clusters of small traditionally-built villages, Vadivale Lake – the artificially created lake owing to the backwaters of the Uksan Dam, and multiple caves including Karla, Bedsa, Bhaja, Wadeshwar, Kondeshwar, and Sangameshwar. There are several flying school located in the region, that offer training workshops and tandem flights. The paragliding season at Kamshet is usually between October to May, but you can request a further inquiry to plan your trip!
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abseiling-518228_12802. Rappelling, Madhe Ghat:
Distance from Pune: 64 km

The waterfalls at Madhe Ghat are a perfect spot for Rappelling, where you’re tied to the harness, and lowered gently down the slope while the pace of descent is controlled accordingly. Expect to be completely drenched, and be extra careful as the slope will be slippery due to the waterfall. The height at Madhe Ghat for Rappelling is approximately 120-150 feet. While booking yourself a spot, make sure that the organizers follow safety regulations and appropriate precautionary measures are taken.
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bridge-664131_12803. Bungee Jumping, Lonavala:
Distance from Pune: 65 km

If you don’t have fear of heights, then Bungee Jumping is just right up your alley. You’ll be tied to a harness, after which you can jump from a tall structure – a cliff, crane, bridge, hot air balloon, or even a helicopter! The thrill from the free fall, rebound and the subsequent oscillation is unparalleled. While a lot of places offer options for adventure sports, including Bungee Jumping in Lonavala – the most popular one is Della Adventures, that is part of the Della Resorts and Villas.
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river-rafting-960158_12804. White Water Rafting, Kolad:
Distance from Pune: 113 km

If you’re traveling in a large group, and your idea of fun is navigating through rapid waters –  then consider signing up for Rafting. The need for team work and risk-handling is part of the whole experience, where you’re put in charge of single-blade paddles to steer the inflatable raft. On some bodies of water, and in the absence of proper safety measures, Rafting can be dangerous, hence exercise caution. In Kolad, the Rafting takes place on the Kundalika River.
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outdoor-2206196_1280 (1)5. Kayaking, Kolad:
Distance from Pune: 113 km

If rafting scares you, and you’d rather try something that looks less dangerous, then give Kayaking a shot. Kundalika River in Kolad is surrounded by forests, and the weather is pleasant and calm. You have the option of either rowing a boat by yourself, or in groups of two – which makes is an ideal sports-activity for couples and large groups.
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skydiving-297103_12806. Sky Diving, Aamby Valley City:
Distance from Pune: 90 km

Strictly not for the faint-hearted, Sky Diving takes the the excitement and unmatched fun of free-falling beyond just Bungee Jumping. At Aamby Valley, you will be briefed by a friendly instructor, who will also accompany you in a turbine-powered aircraft. At a height of around 15,000 feet, you will be expected to jump from the aircraft and deploy your canopy after a while. While you enjoy the top-view of the landscape below you, your instructor will guide you to fly towards the ground. Your instructor will be connected to you at 4 points at all times, making it easy and safe for you to enjoy your ride downwards.
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