5 Upcoming Marathons near Delhi That You Shouldn’t Miss

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Upcoming Marathons in Delhi

Marathons have always been a thing of fascination for most of us. With different types of Marathons such as Full Marathon, Half Marathon, Dream Run, Senior Citizens Run, Champions with Disability and the Police Cup, each one of us now can be a part of these marathons. Excited to know about upcoming marathons? Read on to find out the suitable ones for you in Delhi…

Lodhi Road Run

On 8th April,  get ready for the 2nd edition of Lodhi Road Run. It’s a 12 KM long run to Promote sports around for better fitness and health better atmosphere. A 6 KM  Run is also scheduled for people. The Route Is Located at Lodhi Garden, a good atmosphere close to nature. I am sure that after knowing about Lodhi Road Run, you would surely like to be a part of it.

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Strong Women Strong India 10K Run

Today’s women are much stronger and have been continuously contributing to the overall strength of our Nation. Join them in the Strong Women Strong India 10K Run to salute the spirit of Womanhood.

Aid stations would be available at every 2 km providing water, sports drink and also something to munch on!

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The Potpourri Challenge 2018

If there is one run in India which recognizes running groups before runners –It is the POTPOURRI Challenge!
A unique mix of running groups, race categories, performance and points!

What is Potpourri?
An inter-group challenge, where winning is a sum of participation and performance. It fosters friendships as well as friendly competition. Since runners are allowed to register only through a running group, a race like Potpourri offers the one chance to runners to become a part of a group to suffer and sweat together as much as to enjoy the camaraderie and competition.

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HealthSetGo Run 2018

HealthSetGo is India’s pioneering health solutions organization. They facilitate the entire School Health Framework for K-12 schools in India based on the World Health Organization School Health  framework. Team HealthSetGo feels that children today hold the key to tomorrow’s healthy future so  the stress should be on the need to provide the children with a healthy environment which leads to  holistic development.

HealthSetGo Run which is going to take place on 14th April at 5 AM in the morning, welcomes all kids to run. All the runners would be given T-shirt, participation certificates, refreshments. A 5 KM Walkathon is also scheduled for Parents in particular.

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ION Contribution Run

On Sunday 15th April, stretch your body for the ION Contribution Run. The marathon will begin at 5 AM sharp and there is a category to run in teams as well. The race will be divided in three categories: 10 KM, 5 KM and 3 KM.

100% of collected registration fee will be donated to mentioned initiative. ION Group will also contribute the equivalent amount for this initiative. They will raise double the amount for NGOs providing education to underprivileged children. Go, book your tickets now!

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I am sure that now knowing all these upcoming marathons, you would definitely like to run, increase your stamina and of course get a memorable experience…

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