5 treks not for the weak hearted

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Auden’s Col
Duration: 13-15 Days
Altitude: 5490M (18,012 ft)
Best Season: Mid May- June. Sept to Mid October

Auden’s Col is arguably one of the most challenging and thus, the least explored trek in Uttarakhand. It is a high altitude mountain pass connecting Jogin 1 and Gangotri 3 peaks. It also acts as a link connecting the Jogin I to Khatling glacier of Bhilangna valley. The trek got its name from John Bicknell Auden, a British Geographical Survey Officer, who discovered it in 1935 and passed it in 1939.

Image credits: Google ImagesThe trek begins from Gangotri and ends at Kedarnath. The terrain is strenuous and passes through narrow cliffs, massive boulders, and unbelievable moraines. The level of difficulty of the hike from Rudragaira BC to Khatling Glacier via Auden Col BC is so much so that it requires technical gears due to the steep ascent.

Image courtesy: Thrillophilia

Image courtesy: Thrillophilia

Rupin Pass
Himachal Pradesh
Duration: 8 Days
Altitude: 4650 M (15,250 feet)
Best Season: June, September, and October

Rupin is a high altitude pass from Dhaula in Uttarakhand to Sangla in Himachal Pradesh. One unique thing about this trek is the continuously changing landscapes. In the brief duration of 7-8 days, you can see everything from breathtaking meadows, to snow-capped peaks and even a quick look into the local culture of the valleys.

Some of the high points of the trek are- views of numerous waterfalls which look like they are falling directly from the skies, Jhaka Village, a hanging Village positioned at the utmost edge of a mountain, snow bridges, lush green forests and the view of Kinner Kailash.

Pin Parvati Pass
Himachal Pradesh
Duration: 11 days
Altitude: 5319 M  (17,500 Ft)
Best Season: June to July and August end to mid- September

This is one trek which is definitely not for the beginners. From walking on a glacier to covering a distance of 110 km on foot. All of this, along with crossing the Parvati river and figuring out the route inside a horrendously dense jungle. This trek definitely has unmatched challenges.
The Pin Parvati Pass was discovered and first crossed in August 1884 by Sir Louis Dane while searching for an alternate route to the Spiti valley. The trek is said to offer the best scenic views in the Himalayan region with landscapes that change with every turn.

Stok Kangri
Duration: 9-10 days
Altitude: 6153M (20,800 Ft)
Best Season: July to August

If you haven’t done a few treks that have prepared you for a 10-day long stay in the mountains and a climb of approximately 20800 feet, then Stok Kangri, the highest mountain in the Stok Range of the Himalayas, is not for you.  
But then who said trekking is a piece of cake?

The first 3-4 days on the way to base camp are actually easy-peasy even for an immature trekker. Wait for it, and you will come across what is considered one of the most challenging treks in India. The starting days are nature’s way of preparing you for the strenuous journey ahead and letting you adapt to the high altitudes.  
Plus, the weather here can surprise even the most seasoned trekkers of all time. So if you are heading for this one be ready with raincoats and a lot of mental and physical strength.

Goecha La
Duration: 10-11 Days
Altitude: 4940M (16,200 Ft)
Best Season: April to June, November

Take out a 100 rupee note (the old one), do you see the beautiful snow clad mountains on the back of it? That is the beautiful Goecha La for you. The beauty of the North East is unparalleled to any other part of India and one has to see it to believe it. No amount of high res photos can justify what lies there.
Full of unusual flora and fauna, the trek takes you through the Kanchenjunga National Park, which is, in fact, one of the greenest regions in the world.
While on this trek, you can not only see the Kanchenjunga but 14 other massive summits too. And did we tell you about the tear-shaped Goecha lake? A beauty worth seeing while on this trek.


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