5 Treks Near Mumbai-Pune You MUST Go On!!

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Sahyadri Ranges are better known as trekkers’ paradise. There are 350+ Trek destinations in Sahyadris. All of the treks are thrilling and adventurous. But after doing survey from one of the top trek organizers in Maharashtra, we have come up with the list of the top 5 treks you MUST go on..

1) Kalsubai:
Known for: Highest peak of Sahyadris!!! Kalsubai Peak is the highest peak (1646 meters) of the Sahyadris in Igatpuri Taluka, of Nashik district of Maharashtra, an Indian state.
How to Reach there?: There are various routes one can opt for to reach the summit. The main route starts from the village of Bari. You can reach Bari by taking an early morning bus from Igatpuri going towards Pune and get down at Bari. If you are from Mumbai you can take early morning local and get down at Kasara station. There are buses and share taxis from Kasara to take you to Bari.

imagePhotoCredits: Pankaj Zarekar
2) HarishchandraGad:
Known for:It is known for Konkan Kada from where you can get to see breath taking views of the surrounding region and the sunset. The most interesting thing about Konkan kada is that it is shaped in the form of a overhead like a cobras hood. Then there is the Harishchandragad temple which some people say is the pride of Harishchandragad fort. The temple is famous for the sculpture especially that of Nandi and Shivling. Nearby there is Kedareshwar cave which has a peculiar and interesting story.

How to reach there?:Harishchandragad is a hill fort in the Ahmednagar region of Maharashtra. It can be reached from Thane, Pune or Ahmednagar districts. If you are from Mumbai you can take a bus to Ahmednagar district from Kalyan which is in Thane district. You can get down at Khuba Phata and from there take a private vehicle or Bus to Khireshwar village. The village is 7km from the footsteps of the fort. From Pune there are daily buses to Khireshwar village.

imagePhotoCredits: Matador
3) Vasota:
Known For:The entire Vasota fort is surrounded by the dense forest, the view of this fort is really amazing and fabulous. To experience the trekking on the cave of Nageshwar, you would need to spend a night.

How to reach there?:Vasota Fort is situated near Bamnoli in the Satara district in the state of Maharashtra. If you are going from Pune take a bus to Satara, it is around 110 Kms. It will take around 3 hours to reach there. You can go by bus, the bus frequency is good. This hill forest is situated in the region of Koyna. To reach this fort, you need to take a boat from Bamnoli and cross the Shiv Sagar Lake, through the boat. Vasota fort forest is located in the middle of the dense forest, that’s why before visiting this fort, people have to take permission.


4) Rajmachi Fort:
Known for:Rajmachi is one of the longest treks in Sahyadris. The trek is approximately 18 kms long. It takes around 4-6 hours to reach on the top. Rajmachi is one of the most beautiful treks in Sahyadris. You get a chance to see amazing waterfalls on the way. The view is breathtaking from the top. If you haven’t been for this trek then you are missing something.

How to reach there?:It can be reached via Lonavala, a town near Pune. You can reach Lonavala via train from either Pune or Mumbai. The summit is approximately 20km from Lonavala.


5) Sandhan Valley Trek:
Known For:Sandhan Valley is one of the greatest canyon in the splendid spreading for Sahyadri. The water carved valley is 200ft deep and 15 ft long. At some places its width is less than 3 ft. because of which sun rays are unable to reach the ground. Hence, it is popularly known as valley of shadows. This is one of the most beautiful treks in India.

How to Reach there?: If you are from Mumbai take a local to Kasara Station. From Kasara Station you can book a private jeep which will take you to the base village Samrad Village. The jeep may cost around Rs2-3K.


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