5 Treks Near Bangalore Which You Should Go For With Your Friends

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Nandi Hills | Townscript

The exciting fact now is that Bangalore has become a trek hub with numerous trek clubs. The areas near Bangalore have emerged as fascinating treks wherein people like you and me can trek easily without the help of a guide. Read on to find out the best 5 treks near Bangalore where you can enjoy with your friends and family..

Skandagiri Trek
Skandagiri Trek | Townscript

Skandagiri Trek – Image Source : Allevents

This trek is one of the nearest treks from Bangalore. Mainly famous for it’s night treks, Skandagiri is 70km away from Bangalore city. The best time for trekking is in winter when you can see the dew drops on the grass, clouds hanging down the hill, and of course, the sunrise at dawn. The eponymous hill provides an 8km long trail for the enthusiasts. An ancient Hindu Math, known as Papagni Math that houses the idols of Goddess Parvati and several local deities is located at a place where the trek commences. So get your back-pack and go trekking to Skandagiri!

Bheemeshwari Trek


Bheemeshwari trek is located at about 110km from Bangalore. The lush greenery and  the placid water of river Cauvery is the feather on its cap. This trek might seem tough to new trekkers, but however with experience, one can master the art of trekking here. Besides, you can go fishing at Galibore fishing camp. Also, rafting can be an enjoyable experience on the river Cauvery. And, Sangama, a place where the two rivers Cauvery and Muthatha meet, almost 50km from Bheemeshwari, is a very pleasant place to visit.

Nandi Hills
Nandi Hills | Townscript

Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills are about 65 km from the heart of Bangalore. This place has emerged as a trekking spot in the recent times. You can enjoy the cool weather on the hills, and it would seem like you are on one of the top hill stations of India. For short distance trekking, this is the best trail which just takes about 45min to reach to the top and about 30min to descend. The place being picturesque, you can carry your camera and click lovely photos of the scenic beauty, especially during the sunrise. A number of viewing canopies adds to the charm of the place. The Nandi hills, would thus, prove to be a combination of delightful as well as adventurous experience.

Kunti Betta Trek
Kunti Betta

Kunti Betta Trek

Kunti Betta are the two hills lying 125km from the city of Bangalore. The trail is long enough and preferred for exciting night trekking. From granite and rocks to grasslands, you will come across different terrains while trekking up the Kunti Betta. You can enjoy different water sports in the nearby lake while descending. Besides, Pandavapura hotel serves sumptuous breakfast in the morning. If you are planning for an adventurous cum enjoyable trek, then Kunti Betta will definitely serve your purpose. So, pack your bag and get going!

Anthargange Trek
Anthargange Night Trek

Anthargange Night Trek. Image Source Adventure365

The best part about this  trek are the caves of the hill. Travelers need to literally crawl in order to explore the caves as they are quite narrow to let one walk. The hill is steep enough to make it challenging for the trekkers to climb up. Just covering the trek route and reaching the summit can itself be an enthralling experience for the explorers. The added advantage is that the rocky surface of the hills proves to be very ideal for rock climbing, rappelling and high rope traversing. One can go on night cave explorations or relax by enjoying the starlit sky at night. All in all, Anthargange is a place not to be missed at all!

Now that you know about the best 5 treks in the vicinity of Bangalore, get your back-pack, a torch, camera, and go for these enterprising treks with a bunch of your pals.

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