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Technical Events for College Fest

Want to organize a mega technical fest in your college? Want to have some out of the box technical events for your fest? Well then, here are some suggestions for unique competitions which you can include in your college fest…

Mock Placement

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As the name suggests, this event refers to a ‘mock’ placement round for all the undergraduate students who would be sitting for campus placements in the near future. The best part of this event is that all the UG students from various branches/fields can participate in this event. This event can be divided into 3 consecutive rounds viz. 1)Aptitude Test 2)Group Discussion 3)Personal Interview. The students clearing the first round would be eligible for second and the one clearing the second round would be eligible for the third and final round. To make this event more productive, you can call the HRs of various companies in order to conduct the personal interview for the students. You can also make internship deals with these HRs and award the winners with internships instead of prizes. This is one such event where in students would be actually interested to register for, as they would be learning a lot through all the 3 rounds which would be very helpful for them in the long run.

5 MT

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Most of us are aware of the common Paper Presentation conferences and competitions where in students present their research or review papers. 5 MT is quite similar to paper presentation, but with a twist, i.e. the students have to present their research work in the form of a power point presentation consisting of just 5 slides! And the slides should contain the basic concept of the technology, methodology, calculations/assessment, conclusions and references. All these on one slide each. The entire presentation is supposed to get over in just 5 minutes. This type of a competition has 2 advantages: 1)Students learn to be precise and to the point 2)Saves a lot of time. To create A competitive atmosphere, there can be a question and answer round after every presentation where in  the questions can be asked by both: the judges as well as the audience! This is one of the most interesting competitions you can have!

Model Making

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Again, a new concept where in students from all the branches can participate. Basically, a problem statement has to be given to all the participating teams. There can be different problem statements for different branches, too. The teams are expected to solve the statement and make a working model for the same which gives a solution for the statement. Depending on the difficulty level of the statement, you can set a time limit for making of the model. The teams should get the required materials by themselves. In this way, the judges can judge them on the efficiency of their model, the capacity and ability of the model to solve the problem and last but not the least, on the cost of the materials. The most economic and efficient model wins! So what are you waiting for? Come with the best problem statements and organize model making.

Poster Presentation

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Poster Presentation is something which hones the creative skills of a student. The competition involves presentation of research work in the form of poster. The students are expected to present the researched data in a creative way. The students should include all the detailed aspects of their research and present it in 10 mins on a 1 m X 1 m poster. This size can be changed if needed. You can also have a particular theme for poster presentation. The poster presentations are in trend these days, so why not go for it?

Ex-quiz me!

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Heard it right! Ex-quiz me is the quiz where in you can ask technical questions. For different fields, you can have different sets of questions. The first round can be a direct MCQ round where you need to display the questions and the options on the screen, and students are expected to answer these questions. The students who qualify for the next round are eligible for the second round i.e. the Buzzer round. You can have questions in the form of pictures, audios and videos in the buzzer round. And the one who answers the first gets the point. To increase the difficulty level, you can have negative marking in this round. The last round is a rapid fire round where participants have to answer the 10 questions in 100 secs one by one. The team which answers maximum number of questions correctly, wins the competition!

All the above events seem to be quite interesting…Don’t they? So what are you waiting for? Keep calm and organize them!

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