5 Reasons why you should attend The Indian Networker Meetup

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Well everyone knows the importance of business networking in the today’s competitive world. If you are into business – you must be a social person and must have a big business network. You never know from whom you will get benefit in the future, who can refer you to your customer, investors or partners. 

One of the best ways to increase your business network is to attend events, conferences and meetups that are relevant to your business.

Indian Networker Meetup is such a networking event which gives us an opportunity to meet people from diverse business background at one place. The event happens on the last wednesday of every month in Mumbai and other major cities of India.

5 reasons why you should attend the Indian Networker Meetup:

– If you are new to your city (specifically Mumbai) and starting something new then there can’t be any better place than the Indian networker meetup to increase network and make new friends & business partners.

– During the meetup there’s a show hosted by Mr. Sampath Iyenger. The show’s name is Jam with Sam. Personalities like Vivek Bhargava (CEO Communicate 2), Mihir Joshi (Mihir Joshi Band) come as an interviewee for the show.

– The event generally hosts around 60 attendees only. So, it becomes easier for you to reach out and connect with everyone relevant to you.  

– If you are planning to grow your business and need to discuss idea with someone experienced then it is very likely you will find someone there.

– Dine with wine: Yes it’s a very happening event with an awesome dinner and wine.

If you are into business and haven’t been able to take leverage of such kind of events then this meetup is worth a try.

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