Upcoming Marathons in Pune that you shouldn’t miss!

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It’s never too late to kick the slumber out, put on those running shoes, update your workout playlist and get into fitness mode. Read on to find more about the Marathons happening in Pune.

Here is a curated list of all the upcoming marathons/runs in Pune.

1. BIG Duathlon Challenge 2018:

The organizers are back again in Pune with a unique combination of dual sports.
The Challenge: The participant has to complete the 30 Day Challenge by cycling for 5 KM per day for 15 days and run 2 KM per day for 15 days. The sequence of the run/cycling can be any permutation or combination.

Location: Pune, Maharashtra.
Date and Time: 1 April – 1 May 2018 | 7:00 AM Onwards.
Categories: 2K Run | 5K Cycling.

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2. H2O Run :

About: H2O Run is a half marathon event organized by Team Sportify and The Polite Foundation with an objective to spread awareness about water crisis in and around Pune.

Water scarcity is an issue we only seem to realize at the advent of the summer season. We face drought like situations in various parts of the state every year. Yet, apart from complaining, most of us do nothing about it as we rely entirely on authorities to take action. It is time we change this approach.

It’s not limited to water scarcity; water pollution is a major concern too. Our city’s water bodies are polluted with garbage, chemicals and other industrial waste. Are we going to continue to pollute whatever whatever water we have left?

This Earth Day, H2O Run aims to create awareness about the same.

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Distance categories: 3KM | 5KM  ​| 10KM | 21KM
Date and time: 22nd April 2018 | 5:00 AM Onward.

3. The Zombie Run Pune:

First ever Zombie Run of India is coming to Pune.

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE: Face your fear as you run from the undead through the 3 to 5km course. The Zombies are ready to hunt you down.

-Be a Human and run from the Zombies.
-Be a Zombie and pull the runner’s lifelines as they run through your “Zombie territory.”

Runners will be provided with 3 lifelines. Zombies are staged throughout the course ready to chase you and steal your lifelines. Try to escape from the zombies with your lifelines intact and cross the Finish Line to earn your Finisher medal. Lose all your lifelines: you are dead and no medal for you.

Choose to become a member of the Zombie Gang instead, and hunt the human runners by collecting their lifelines in your true flesh-eating make-up by our expert make-up team.

Date: 20th May 2018 | 6:30 AM Onward.

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