12 Monsoon Trekking Destinations Near Mumbai and Pune.

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1. Rajmachi fort:
Distance from Mumbai- 95 km
Distance from Pune- 80 km
Trekking Duration- 1 day

Located amidst the rugged Sahyadri mountains, Rajmachi mainly consists of two forts – Shrivardhan fort and Manaranjan Fort – both of which are popular trekking destinations with a stunning view of the valley. If you have a few days on hand, you can also explore Lonavala and Khandala, which are close by.
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2. Sudhagad Fort:
Distance from Mumbai- 110km
Distance from Pune- 130 km
Trekking Duration- 1 day

As compared to the other forts, the Sudhagad Fort is easier to cover and requires less stamina. Surrounded by forests, the forth is home to two water ponds, ruins of two Shiva temples, a well-maintained Bhoraidevi temple, a big granary, countless shrines and tombs – all behind three large doors.

3. Raireshwar:

Distance from Mumbai- 260km
Distance from Pune- 95 km
Trekking Duration- 1 day

Famous for its historical importance, Raireshwar Fort has a temple where Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj took an oath of Hindavi Swarajya when he was 16. The temple is located on a plateau surrounded by flowers – aking it one of the best places to visit during monsoon.

600_4401106594. Prabalgad Fort:
Distance from Mumbai- 50 km
Distance from Pune- 120 km
Trekking Duration- 1 day

Located between Matheran and Panvel, the Prabalgad Fort is at an elevation of 2300 feet in the Western Ghats. Please make you carry plenty of water during this trek, as the place is notorious for its water scarcity. The temple at Prabalgad fort consists of a Ganesh temple and several other ruins scattered throughout.
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5. Kalsubai Peak:
Distance from Mumbai- 155 km
Distance from Pune- 176 km
Trekking Duration- 1 day

Situated at an elevation of 5400 feet in the Western Ghats, Kalsubai is the highest point in Maharashtra that is a popular getaway destination of trekkies, wild-life enthusiasts and Kalsubai devotees. The mountain range is a part of Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wild-life Sanctuary, which means you’re constantly surrounded by vast expanse of forrest between valleys and slopes.
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6. Purandar Fort:

Distance from Mumbai- 205 km
Distance from Pune- 30 km
Trekking Duration- 1 day

The Purandar Fort is divided into two levels – Machi and Ballekilla – where you can find Dilli Darwaza, Kedareshwar (Shiva) temple, statue of Murarbaji Deshpande, the fort-commander who sacrificed his life while protecting the fort against the Mughals, and several other temples, bastions and towers. Currently it also has a National Cadet Corps Academy, and is a huge attraction for paragliders and trekkies everywhere.

lohagad-fort-khandala7. Lohagad Fort
Distance from Mumbai- 96 km
Distance from Pune- 77 km
Trekking Duration- 1 day

Lohagad Fort makes a great getaway during monsoon, because the top of the fort is usually covered with clouds and mist due to the rains. You’re met with pleasant and scenic view of a nearby Visapur Fort, Bhaja Caves and Pavana reservoir. The way leading upto the fort is quite slippery and covered with wet moss during this season, so taking necessary precautions is advised.

925052128s8. Korigad:
Distance from Mumbai- 110 km
Distance from Pune- 90 km
Trekking Duration- 1 day

Located about 20 KM South of Lonavala, the Korigad Fort has two lakes on the top, the famous Koraidevi temple, numerous smaller Vishnu and Shiva temples, six cannons, and a massive gate. The Koraidevi Temple was recetly renovated to include three-foot high deepmalas.

9. Vasota Fort:
Distance from Mumbai- 280 km
Distance from Pune- 265 km
Trekking Duration- 1 day

Located along the banks of Shivsagar Lake, the Vasota Fort is surrounded by dense forest of Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, remnants of Shree Mahadev Mandir and a huge “sadar”(discussion place) area. The trek is classified as hard, as it is rather overgrown and dilapidated in nature.

torna-fort10. Torna Fort:
Distance from Mumbai- 195 km
Distance from Pune- 50 km
Trekking Duration- 1 day

Also known as Prachandagad(Prachanda – Marathi for huge or massive and gad – Marathi for fort), the Torna Fort is a popular destination for trkkies between September to December. You can see Lingana, Rajgad, Raigad, Purandar fort, and Sinhagad from Torna Fort.

Visapur Trek with TMI11. Visapur Fort:
Distance from Mumbai- 120km
Distance from Pune- 70 km
Trekking Duration- 1 day

Built on the same Plateau as Lohagad, Visapur Fort has an elevation of 1084 Meters, and consists of caves, decorated arches, cisterns of water, old houses, several temples, and a huge carving of Hanuman.

12. Raigad:
Distance from Mumbai- 105 km
Distance from Pune- 130 km
Trekking Duration- 1 day

Located at approximately 2,700 feet elevation, the Raigad fort has 1737 steps leading upto the actual fort. Inside you’ll find ruins of the Queen’s chamber(a series of 6 rooms with private restrooms), three watchtowers, an artificial lake, two large bastions, the King’s Darbar with the replica of the original throne, and a statue of Shivaji.

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